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Google Tech Talk Fall 2013

Used to handle searching:

  • MapReduce
  • BigTable
  • Percolator: incremental update system

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Dynamic Auctions and Wireless Links in Data Centers (Xia)

Facebook is generating over 500 TB per day. Google, 20PB.

She wants to tackle the issues of traffic dynamics in large scale networks by injecting flexibility into design.

  • design flexible spectrum auction systems to match dynamic traffic, since US auctions off large chunks of the spectrum covering the entire country.
  • add flexible wireless links to address traffic hotspots in data centers. (Directional 60GHz links between the different racks that is configurable--but any racks in the way must repeat the signal, since 60GHz is line of sight).
    • they use reflections off the ceiling to avoid these problems (3D Beamforming)

Dynamic spectrum auction

  • most allocated spectrum sits idle.
  • using an auction
    • truthful auction as e dominant method to remove gain from cheating. Ex: Vicky auction (second price auction)
    • she integrates allocation with pricing: greedy allocation based on bids, winner X pays the bid of its critical neighbor.

How is this different than how radio stations split their frequencies based on location?

Note the use of a Kautz \(\) graph overlay of nodes in the data centers, which allows them to handle arbitrary network size and incremental growth. They show that 92% of paths can run concurrently.

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