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Social Networks and Archival Context


SNAC is an aggregate of biographical information about people, both individuals and groups, who created or are documented in historical resources. Users can search for names of individual people, organizations, and families; browse featured descriptions; and discover and locate connected historical resources.


Charlottesville First United Methodist Church


First UMC's website redesign used the Joomla Content Management System and a highly-customized Bootstrap-based template. Joomla was chosen to provide fine-grained permission and edit access for multiple editors of the site.


History of Packets


Web application showing how TCP/IP packets have changed over the decades, from ARPANET in the early 1970s through today's IPv4 and IPv6. Can be saved on iOS as an application on the Home Screen.

Web Utilities & Projects


Biblical Timeline


While in Seminary, my class group and I created a timeline of events in the Christian faith.


Timed Typing Test


This is a simple timed typing test. Given a number of minutes, it will allow you to type text into the box. When time's up, it stops you and gives the calculated words per minute. If you choose, it will also email a copy of your submission to an instructor.

Web Design Samples No Longer In Use (or Replaced)


International Baptist Convention


I redesigned the IBC's website in the Spring of 2009, using Joomla as a back end. It is a completely customized theme for Joomla as well as some coding to link it to Google Maps and sign-up pages that contain a MySQL back-end and tie to Paypal.


Baptist Collegiate Ministries at William and Mary


I was the webmaster for the BCM/BSU at William and Mary through college. They are still using the website design and custom content management system that I created. It uses a custom PHP/MySQL back-end and includes a built-in listserve and content management for pages.


Westhampton Family Psychologists


WFP wanted a website that was kid- and family-friendly, but also easy to update. This page is also built on Joomla, so that it can be easily updated.


VCU Libraries Digital Collections


I created the initial design for this page, although it has changed slightly from its original concept. The changes are: logo colors have changed, reflections on preview images were removed and replaced with the light gray borders.


Lakeside Baptist Church


Lakeside wanted a website that could be easily be updated by non-web minded people. It uses Wordpress as a back-end with a customized theme.


Grace Fellowship


Grace Fellowship is a church in Little Stukeley, England. I helped them set up this webpage that made it simple to update and also post weekly sermons to a podcast. It uses WordPress as the back-end, with a customized theme.


Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at William and Mary


After completing the BCM's website, I adapted the code for generic use and gave it to Intervarsity. They use the same back-end code with some improvements, and I also gave them designs for the home page. They have continued to update it since I left.

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