Web Scripts


Photo Album 1.0

ZIP Archive - GitHub Repository

This is a script that inserts a photo album into your website. It searches a directory for sub-directories, using the directory names as album titles, and the first image in the directory as the cover image. In opening an album on your website, it reads through the directory for pictures and resizes them and displays them using their filename as the title. So, adding an album to your photo gallery is as simple as uploading a directory of pictures to your website. An example can be seen by clicking the pictures link on the left.

LaTeX Templates


KeyPresent Beamer Style

Zip Archive - GitHub Repository

LaTeX beamer template with beamer color style included for a clean white-on-black presentation, in the style of Keynote. Includes a sample .tex file with samples.



History of Packets

HTML5 Web Application

Web application showing how TCP/IP packets have changed over the decades, from ARPANET in the early 1970s through today's IPv4 and IPv6. Can be saved on iOS as an application on the Home Screen.


Photograph Mosaic Creator


Photograph Mosaic Creator created in Theory of Computation for a final project. Created with Ben as a group project. It is relatively fast once the image data has been processed. Can sub-sample images up to 10x10 to get better-matching mosaics.