Brief Description:

Our Biblical timeline, stretching from Abraham to the settlement of the New Testament Canon, can be found on the above website. Our goal in producing this webpage was to provide an easily accessible source of historical information regarding the Bible. The final document shows a basic flow of events and main people in the Bible as well as other major events in the world (blue text) in order to give a context for the stories. One tool in seeing this context is the multi-colored side bar, which shows the "ages" that correspond with the events. We acknowledge the fact that many of these dates are estimations based upon the work of countless scholars.

In the time prior to 1000 BCE, the dating of the biblical events varies greatly among scholars. Some rely upon traditional methods of dating (counting backwards from known dates, using the number of years recorded in the Bible), while others ground their work in historical and archaeological data. In our timeline, we have chosen to include both sets of information. The dates based upon traditional methods are written in green.

Also included are approximate dates (as best that scholars can tell) for the compilation and writing of some of the books of the Bible. This information is in brown print. The inclusion of these dates allows the viewer to see the passing of time between the events themselves and the writing of the books, as well as showing the historical context of the writing. As this information can be overwhelming, we chose to constrict these dates to the physical writing of these books or sources. Books without a known writing date are not included on the timeline.

To allow for maximum user ease, the website has several options for including/hiding information on the timeline.


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